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My Top 3 Blogging and Small Biz Mistakes

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When I first began blogging over 5 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting into as I started a blog on blogger (don't do that by the way!)  I knew that I loved refinishing furniture and people wanted to know how I did that. Of course I wanted to help!

Now all these years later, I LOVE helping people avoid my (many) mistakes and get set up the right way.

So how can you get set up and start a blog or use blogging for business in a way that actually supports your entrepreneurial work for yourself dreams?

Glad you asked!

1. I had no long term vision.

When I began blogging so many years ago, I literally just said, "Hmmm.....maybe I should start a blog."  And I did.

No planning. No focus. No goals. No clue even how to blog.  I just wanted to share what I knew with people, but never accounted for the amount of time it would take, the expenses that would incur, or how it would affect future goals and my family life.

THANKFULLY, I figured it out and am able to stay home with our kids and bring in an income doing what I love and helping people!

If you want to start a blog and share your ideas with the world, or have a small business and need to incorporate blogging to reach your ideal clients and customers (yes, you NEED to blog as a business owner!), it is possible to make it work! need a plan and vision.


2. I didn't have a clear voice.

Here's what I mean. I knew what I loved to do and what I could share with people, but I never took the time to figure out how to connect that to the people I wanted to help!

One of the most POWERFUL things I did was to figure out my voice for my blog and business.  The impact was almost immediate and my earnings quadrupled.  Now that wasn't a scientific experiment or anything, but it has played a HUGE role in my success.

Plus, I get to work with and help super fun people like YOU! ;-)


3. I was doing TOO much!

Oh my. I could talk forever about this one.  I gave up on "lifestyle blogging" because I realized it didn't fit with my long term vision and I was trying to do waaayyyyyyy too much.

Now I share about design and style (and blogging).

I say no to A LOT.

I delegate wherever possible, because I can't do it all and do it well.

I am now able to focus on doing what only I can do and love and let go of the rest!


Now what about you? Do you want to start a blog?  Are you a small business owner needing help to get your blog off the ground?


I would love to help you!


If you are interested in more extensive Blog Training so you can fast track your blog and business, download my FREE blogging ebook below and learn more about starting a blog.




Blogging has certainly been a blessing to our family and allowed me to be home with my kids, so if I can help others out there learn more and achieve their dreams, I'm all in!

Have a wonderful day friends!!! And PLEASE be social and follow along somewhere below! 




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