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Navy & Caramel Tones: Friday Faves

Coastal InteriorsAnneke McConnell

It must be the crisp in the air as the weather turns here in the Seattle area, but I can't help but be drawn to those warm fall colors as the leaves already start to turn colors of yellow, orange, gold, and brown. 


On a personal note, we survived the start of school and we now officially have a middle schooler on our hands. This is a pretty fun stage as a parent of 3 kiddos!

Today's post is short and sweet as we get ready to celebrate our oldest daughter's birthday this weekend!  I'm tempted to order this "I Love You To The Beach & Back" sign for her! I love it! hehe ;-)

Navy is a staple color year round for me, but throw in a little caramel color and it instantly feels fall.  I'm a little head over heels in love with this Self Portrait sweater, Free People Sweater (which comes in 4 colors), and spool accent chair!

I also spotted some fantastic napkins if you're looking for Thanksgiving - a set of 4 with 27 colors options - I'm thinking about picking up a couple sets in either the Slate, Mocha, and Terracotta. They're so pretty!

As for around the beach house, I'm about done with our project painting the stairs.....everything but the treads and I'm hoping we'll have our new pantry delivered by next week so I can get more organized for the school. Storage is limited around here, so this will be an amazing upgrade!

Happy Friday!


Navy and Caramel Style and Home





My Fave Instagram Accounts to Follow

Interiors, Dining, Coastal InteriorsAnneke McConnell

Hello friends! We are enjoying some crazy GORGEOUS sunny weather here in Seattle and I'm instantly happy and excited for summer - yes summer!

Surrounding yourself with people who inspire, motivate, encourage, and teach about a particular area of life that you really connect with takes time and effort but is so worth it in the long term.  Over the years, I have found instagram to be an incredible way to find people who do just that in my life.

I have some recent designs shared below that were on my @coastalinteriors account on Instagram, but I wanted to change it up a bit today and share who I personally love to follow on Instagram.

Of course this is difficult with SO many talented friends within the DIY and Home Decor space.  This is definitely personal, and people that I literally look up to see what's new and to help balance out my life. ;-)



@alyson_haley - Sequins and Things

I love Haley's laid back casual, chic, and simple style.  We have similar values and I love how she brings great fashion ideas, but never talks about how obsessed she is with this or that.  She is constantly inspiring me and I love pretty much every outfit she shares! #literally

How cute is this recent outfit she shared!


@laurenkaysims - Lauren Kaysims

Lauren is also on the more casual, chic side, and I also relate to her perspective and the world of fashion.  She has a calm presence on social media which seems rare when it feels like people are shouting at you from their posts sometimes. It's a tough balance as a blogger in this social media driven world!  I love that she says she is "Striving to live every day on purpose and for a purpose". 

One of my fave recent outfit posts from her is this one below. Cute am I right?!





@kayla_itsinesKayla Itsines

There are not ENOUGH words for this woman. I LOVE her!!! Sure, she has almost 5 million followers on Instagram right now, but I've actually been following her on Instagram before she was even at 100,000 followers which to be honest, feels pretty special. Lol

I've stuck around with her because she is down to earth, pushes you with honesty and tough love, doesn't make it about her and her body (which is clearly healthy and strong), and you can see how passionate she is about helping women gain strength and confidence through fitness.

Just to note, I have purchased and completed her guides and the #deathbykayla hashtag is legit.  There are a lot of plyometric, jumping type moves which is not for everyone, BUT I believe her guides are still effective even when exercises are modified. 

I'm getting ready to start another 12-week round - wish me luck, or better yet, join me!

8 Moves For Flat Abs That Aren't Crunches


@AlexaJeanFitness - Alexa Jean Brown

I love, love, love Alexa and her sweet little fam. It helps to relate to another mama and getting back into shape after having kids.  I love that her guides are affordable, and include to the point, classic and effective moves.  When I want to switch it up and be doing less HIIT or plyometric training, I come to her guides which feel like a good challenge at an even pace. I love that she also speaks into people's lives about mindset, which is a huge part of positive change. :-)

Summer Ab Challenge






Because I have lived with and through Hashimoto's thyroid disorder, kidney disease (minimal change disease), and have a rough family history of medical issues, I personally lean toward whole foods, more Whole 30 type recipes, etc.  I'm still learning what works for my body and honestly believe every person's needs are different.  I struggled through this A LOT at first, especially what to feed our kids.  Thankfully I'm in a better place now and LOVE all the food I can eat.

@wholenourishedlife by Emily of Whole Nourished Life

I connected with Emily on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her and her recipes.  How yummy does this Lemon Ginger Shrimp meal look?!! It can be found on her blog HERE.  I feel confident getting recipes from Emily as some who not only "gets it", but is a trained professional striving to help others improve their lives through nutrition.


@TenleyMolzahn - Sweet and Free Life

I love how transparent Tenley is about her struggles with nutrition over a long period of time and how she is now helping others as a nutritionist and educator because of it.  I love when people share their answers and help others get unstuck!

I'm still looking for good accounts to follow for hair and beauty if you have recommendations! I'd love to know your favorite accounts in general too!

To wrap up today's post, I'm sharing the sources for recent designs on my @coastalinteriors account and a few style finds.  This sunny weather has me craving bright and flowy outfits lately!












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