Coastal Collective Co.

Are you self-employed? A creative artist? Small business owner?

Do you offer services and/or sell your own products in store or online??

Maybe you are a one of the following:

  • A Photographer
  • An Interior Designer
  • An shop owner on sites such as Etsy, Shopify, StoreEnvy or Society 6?
  • A Hair Stylist
  • A Fashion Stylist
  • A Florist
  • A Painter or Artist of some medium


....................DO YOU USE BLOGGING FOR BUSINESS???


If the answer is NO, I'm here to help teach you how POWERFUL blogging can be to the growth of your business, your credibility, and so much more!  The good news is that it's NOT as complicated and time consuming as one might think.


This is a course that you complete on your own time that you have access to for the life of the course.  I will be right there to coach you, answer your questions, and work with you!


Learn what you can NOW, through video teaching, one week at a time, so that you can immediately apply what you learn in a way that is effective for your business goals.


STOP wasting money on advertising that does NOTHING for you.

STOP letting your content and work get posted and lost in the scroll on social media.


Here are just a handful of the topics we'll cover:

  • Getting a blog set up in a practical, affordable and beautiful way.

  • Exercises to help brainstorm blog post ideas for YOUR business that can bring you business.

  • How to use "marketing" in your blog posts to reach YOUR ideal customer.

  • Technical Tips - don't let technical fears keep you from incorporating blogging into your business. it's easier than you think with these tools and tricks. It's amazing what can happen when your blog becomes the "HUB" that goes out to social media!

  • Speaking of Social Media - I'll teach you how to utilize social media using your blog content.

  • How to be SMART with your time.  NO, you don't need to blog 3 days a week. Probably not even 1 day. I'll show you why.

  • .........seriously, SO much more!



Here's a peek into the course:


Q. & A.



Great question! I know life can get absolutely crazy at times, so I created this to be a self-guided course with weekly lessons and worksheets.  You begin and work through the lessons on YOUR time.  I will communicate with you via email so you have ALL the details you need (make sure I'm in your primary folder and not spam!).  

Just to be clear though, I am very invested in the people who go through my Blog Training. I am right there checking in to read and answer your questions, PLUS I am continuously updating and adding new content for you. Bonus!



I will be teaching via video on a private platform as well as include downloadable pdfs for you to print and work through for your business. You will have access to the training for the life of the program and it does come with a 30 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.




Chances are if you're seeing this, you've been following me "somewhere" online for awhile OR was recommended to me by a friend who has been following me for awhile.  I love, love, love to help and encourage people wherever I can. So, let me tell you this.........If there's anything you should know about me, it's that I'm "ALL IN" or nothing at all.

You will have my sincere investment in helping you succeed.  I can't do it FOR you - you're going to have to put in the work. BUT I know that what I teach you is going to get you ahead a lot faster than if you tried to figure it all out on your own.  I've tried to do that before, and let me tell you - it is no fun, takes the joy out of what you love to do, and makes you feel like a failure just for trying.  I have been blogging for over four years within the creative niche and LOVE working with others as well as helping small business, creative types, and entrepreneurs who may be just starting out.



Once you JOIN this group, you will receive my Creative Blogging Resource Guide for immediate download!  It will give you a WEALTH of knowledge to pour over until the group officially begins!!! 

If you've gotten this far, I have a feeling that now is YOUR time.

I can't wait to teach you about Blogging For Business. Join me below!


I can't wait to see YOU on the other side! 2016 is going to be YOUR year!!



P.S. Nothing is going to fast track your success like video training from a mentor, but if you're still not sure about a full online video course, I completely understand. You can snag my Blogging ebook (that comes with the course) for FREE below!