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Starting a blog in today's world is EASIER than ever, but when you're just getting started it can still seem overwhelming.  Below are my recommended steps to get started in either Wordpress or Squarespace.


  1. Decide which platform is the right fit for you and your goals.
  2. Squarespace is easy to navigate, set up, and customize in a day and has simple to use drag and drop features. Everything you need for a domain, hosting, etc. is included in the monthly fee. The downside? It is paid for on a monthly plan which is typically more expensive than Wordpress.
  3. Wordpress is the preferred platform for most bloggers because of it's ability to grow as you grow, although it admittedly has a steeper learning curve - nothing you can't handle! :-)  Wordpress blogs are an affordable option where you install a theme (free or paid) and use a hosting company such as BLUEHOST. I recommend Bluehost for their simple 1-step Wordpress installation.  I've tried other versions and it's not fun - installing Wordpress can be complicated and frustrating. Nobody wants to deal with that!


How To Start a Blog and Install Wordpress with BLUEHOST. Be sure to use my referral link for best pricing!

It really is THAT easy!! I love helping business owners learn how to blog for their business, simplify the process, and stop getting lost in the "post and scroll" of social media.  If that sounds like you, you can download my FREE Blogging ebook at



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