Coastal Collective Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coastal Collective Co. all about?

This site is primarily a blog to share my passion for all things coastal with a focus on home and fashion.  Whether through home design, fashion posts, food recipes, health, travel, etc., my hope is that people with a love for the coast will be inspired when visiting Coastal Collective Co.


In addition to blog posts, there are sections on the site where I have curated my favorite home, fashion, and lifestyle items for visitors looking for inspration and ideas in there own lives.  These are pieces that I personally would use in my own home, wear for an occasion, etc. I don't believe in having and buying an excessive amount for our family's lifestyle, so this site isn't all about me and my home and life, but a love of the coast and my particular style of decorating and living day to day.


I love creating which often extend to home design boards, a makeover of a space in our personal home, a diy project, a new recipe, building something, painting something, or pairing distressed jeans with a beautiful top and accessories for a night out on the waterfront. I love it all and I love to share!


Why do you love the coast so much?

My husband Michael and I both grew up in Western Washington [USA], close to the water and within minutes of Puget Sound.  We are an active Pacific Northwest loving family that enjoys time east in the mountains and as much time as we can on the water enjoying the local islands and fishing for salmon and crab. We have three kids and currently live in a little fixer upper beach house on the water.  It is a blessing we don't take for granted and enjoy taking in the view and going on beach walks as a family as much as possible.  

How often do you share new content?

As a wife and mom to three kiddos, they are my priority.  This site is currently in "beta mode" and I share new content whenever possible but no more than 3 days a week.  Subscribe in the upper left hand corner to stay in the loop! 



What's the best way to follow along with Coastal Collective Co.?

Other than subscribing, currently the best way to stay up to date is through our instagram accounts at @coastalcollectiveco and @coastalinteriors. Thanks for following!


Have a question?

Feel free to contact Anneke at Thanks!