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Hello and thank you again for being a part of my Coastal Interiors VIP Community!

First things first, I'm planning our very first giveaway to say THANK YOU! My plan is to hold several of these frequently on a small scale to give more people a chance of winning. 

Also, I know that some edesigns that come into your inbox may not apply to you, but that is a-ok!  I'm here to inspire! You may not resonate with a kid's bedroom, but instead find that you love the lighting within the edesign. :-)

My dream is to help others with my edesigns, because you deserve to love the home you're living in.

Today's design was created around the DREAMER wall decor I found online. It was love at first sight and made me think of our two girls who, like I once did (and still do) have BIG dreams!

I want them to live in a space that inspires their creativity and ideas, and this design is what came from that. 


(P.S. Some affiliate links used, but this does not affect the price.) 





Dreamer Sign / Bed /Blue Bead Chandelier / Yellow Rug / Pink "Stars" Pillow (standard sham) / Gray Pillow / Blue & White Stripe Pillow / Pink "Stars" Comforter / Sheet Set / Sheepskin Rug / Nautical Rope Lighting / Lounge Chair



Thank you for supporting my design dreams and allowing me the opportunity to serve you!


From the beach,

Anneke McConnell


Thank you for being a part of Coastal Interiors!

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