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7 Business Podcasts I Listen To

Business DevelopmentAnneke McConnell

As a blogger and online content creator, it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest for online marketing best practices, BUT also being a busy firefighter wife and mom of 3, there's only so much time in the day. My typical work hours are when my kids are in school, as is the case with many other work-from-home moms I connect with.  

No matter what your schedule is like, adding some business podcasts to your day will prove invaluable. Here are 7 that I love, recommend, and listen to daily!

Smart Passive Income (SPI) Podcast with Pat Flynn

I was first introduced to Pat Flynn during a LIVE event and was immediately drawn to his authenticity and down-to-earth vibe. I have major respect for him as a leader in podcasting, online business best practices, and more.  With hundreds of episodes under his belt, you're likely to go on a binge-listening spree  because the content is just that good.


The Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore

James Wedmore is also a pretty down to earth guy with practical business tips, but more importantly, helps you tackle the mindset struggles that EVERY business owner experiences.  Yes....some of his interviews are a little "woo-woo", as he likes to say, but they are undoubtedly key to helping you understand and overcome roadblocks to your definition of success.


Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy and I are fellow firefighter wives and I love the perspective she brings to the online marketing world.  She's open and honest about what she is working on, and shares with heart to help others in their businesses.  If you're looking for help with webinars, list building, etc., she's your gal!


Build Your Tribe with Chalene Johnson

Chalene was one of the first people I began learning about online marketing from and boy did she open my eyes! I was so focused on all my fun and creativity that I literally knew nothing about running a business. Lol It took awhile for my head to stop hurting from all of the knowledge bombs I learned from her, and love listening to her Build Your Tribe podcast to this day! Again....she is down to earth (sensing a theme here?) and cracks some pretty funny jokes along the way. ;-)


The Art of Paid Traffic with Rick Mulready

As a business owner, all this "free traffic" from social media, quality SEO, etc. is really nice, but what do you do when you're ready to pay (because you have people you want to serve with your services, products, content, etc.)? Rick's content is centered on the ins and outs of paid traffic without it sounding all super complicated and scary.  Talk about a win-win!


The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

For years, I have honestly avoided working with other brands as an influencer up until this year.  It was really a heart-to-heart I had that if the fit was right, why wouldn't I want to partner with great brands and share with my lovely readers here?!  I'm super picky about this (to be honest) and Julie Soloman is the go-to gal for navigating the unseen (and often unknown aspects) of Influencer Marketing.  If you're looking for brand and marketing strategies as an influencer, her podcast if full of insights to get you off on the right foot.


KWIK Brain with Jim Kwik

Fun fact: When contemplating my degree for college, neurology was on the list of options (alongside accounting and architecture!).  Jim Kwik dives into all things "brain" and how to boost your brain power in practical ways to be more effective and happy in your life and business.  I highly recommend this most recent episode where he discusses moving from Burnout to Balance.

7 Business Podcasts I Listen To


What are some of YOUR favorite podcasts to listen to?  Either for business or some other topic?




Also, I love listening and learning from podcasts, but I personally geek out on sharing with others about INSTAGrAM (See just one of my accounts HERE)!  

If the Instagram algorithm has you frustrated, download my FREE Instagram Cheat Sheet below to get some new "tools" in your Instagram tool belt!



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How To Post Automatically On Instagram

Business Development, Instagram, How to BlogAnneke McConnell

Just like any social media platform, Instagram has its pros and cons, but one of the BIG cons has just been eliminated for businesses using the popular app - automatic publishing capabilities.  Let's all take a moment to pause, cheer, and do a happy dance!  

Instagram has long been a favorite of mine and currently brings in over 30% of my blog traffic.  Other top sources for blog traffic are Google searches and Pinterest.

If you have one Instagram account, this new ability to publish posts automatically is HUGE in and of itself, yet some of us have multiple accounts and it can be a lot to juggle posting manually at optimal times for each account.

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Here's what you need to know:

1. The ability to post automatically on Instagram is a recent update in partnership with a handful of platforms and is only available to business accounts on Instagram.  If any online business mentor has ever told you NOT to switch your account from personal to private, they are steering you in the wrong direction.  If you are using Instagram to promote your business, you need to switch to a business profile. The benefits far outweigh any frustrations with algorithms, plus, it's actually required. ;-)


2. This update and partnership will likely continue to be developed and expand. Some of the platforms to look into in order to utilize automatic publishing include:

Each of these platforms operate differently, but are essentially pretty user friendly. If anything seems in the least bit confusing, there are countless resources within each platform to help you with a specific problem.

I personally prefer Sendible, with Tailwind and Iconosquare as close seconds.


3. Just like with other social media platforms, the ability to automatically publish Instagram posts will instantly allow you more freedom in your evenings when it is peak posting time (and engagement) for most people.

The biggest struggle for small business owners and bloggers in regards to Instagram has been balancing what is typically family time with the desire to post their content at a time when most people will see it and therefore, more people will benefit from what you are sharing.


Depending on your time zone, the benefits will vary.  Have you ever felt:

 >Guilty for posting and engaging during your kiddo's bath time?

>The need to excuse yourself from a visit with friends to "post really quick"?

 >Conflicted about having that glass of wine with your spouse interrupted in the "name of business", aka "I'm going to post on Instagram for just awhile, ok?" 


Overall, this update will allow small business owners a greater sense of control and the ability to reclaim precious moments of their lives in the evenings. 

But what about engagement and being there "LIVE" for people when posting?  Of course you can still do this! No one is saying you can't.  Automatic posting simply expands your capabilities, and gives you the freedom to take an essential break from social media at times.

Want to plan a week-long getaway with the fam where wifi is non-existent? You can do that now and not worry about "going dark".

Sure, business owners who have more of a personal connection can be upfront with their instafriends about their availability, and in my experience, most people cheer on your decision to focus on family and taking some time away. :-)


Here are some current boundaries to stay within when scheduling your posts automatically to Instagram from one of these platforms:

  • Single Images only at this time (videos are not currently supported, but stay on the look-out!)

  • Automatic posts can be uploaded in the form of JPEG, PNG, BMP, and non-animated GIFs

  • Check your platform of choice for minimum and maximum resolution requirements

  • Check your platform of choice for file size maximums (for example: 8GB)
  • At this time, the following features are not supported with automatic posting to Instagram:
    -Hashtags in the captions, user tags, branded content tags, geotagging (sharing locations), shopping tags, filters, and posting to stories.


Thankfully Instagram offers the ability to edit your content after posting, so if you choose to schedule your content for automatic posting, you can go back into the app manually and update any of your tags. 

Also, remember that these limitations are for automatic posting ONLY!

You can still schedule your other content in advance that has larger file sizes, are videos, etc.  These type of Instagram posts will still have a scheduler send you a push notification when it's time to post. This is the advantage of being on a social media scheduler like Sendible, so you can batch process your content and save TONS of time. All platforms do this.

I imagine that this is just the beginning of the capabilities being rolled out for Instagram Business users, and they will continue to expand over time. 


If this info. has helped you today, please share!


From the Beach,


P.S. Need some help with Instagram? Download my FREE 10+ Page Cheat Sheet by clicking below!

Make It Happen: 3 Instagram Essentials For Your Business

Blogging, Business Development, How to Blog, InstagramAnneke McConnell

Hey friends! Instagram can be a tricky social media platform to tackle as a business owner and/or blogger, and it is admittedly my fave platform so I'm here to help you out.  A few years back when I had to drop my blogging dramatically, Instagram really became my go-to and I've been hooked ever since, even through all the changes.

I promise you though......when all the pieces come together, it's really quite simple.

1.  Make The Process of Working with You EASY.

I have worked with many businesses and bloggers who focus SO MUCH on what their Instagram feeds looks like, that they neglect the next steps for a potential client. I love sharing how I found my current hairstylist through Instagram because after I saw her pretty work, I wanted to move forward with booking her for a hair consultation. She had a clear call to action in her profile (i.e. click below for our services and schedule) and a link to get the ball rolling on an appt. I LOVE HER, and I'm so happy I found her through Instagram.  Make the process as easy as possible.  Answers frequent questions so your potential customer doesn't have to, or worse, just leaves.


2. Speaking of Being Found, you guessed it........HASHTAGS ARE HUGE!

Love 'em or hate 'em, I don't thing they are going away anytime soon.  You are currently able to attach 30 hashtags to your photo or video on Instagram and this is a huge part of Instagram strategy.  It's a brilliant way to categorize your work, connect with your ideal client or blog follower, be found through the search feature, etc.

With that said, I don't believe it to be the best advice to use all popular hashtags, because the goal for your business is likely to be profitable and not popular.  It's unreal the number of people that are popular on Instagram that don't make nearly as much income as a business on Instagram that is purposeful, well connected, and intentional about what they are putting out there!

Here's a bit of homework for you.

Set some time aside to create 3-5 blocks of 30 hashtags that are a mix of a few different elements to save on your phone, mobile device, or laptop. This will save you HOURS of time in the long run!  It’s important to mix up the hashtags you use and share a variety. Some examples include:

  • Broad topics (i.e. #interiordesign)
  • Focused topics (i.e. #plankedwall)
  • Hashtags conveying brand values (i.e. #familyfirst)
  • Hashtags relating to customer pain points or needs (i.e. #seattleinteriordesigner)
  • As well as avoid banned hashtags (some are obvious, some are not - Google it folks).



3. Start From the End and Work Backwards, then Focus on Optimizing Your Post Time.

This should go without saying, but so many well intentioned business owners and bloggers get so sucked into numbers, and likes, follows, comments, shares, etc. Those elements all have there place, but they are not the end goal. I'm guessing it's your goal to make a profit along the way while inspiring, encouraging, entertaining, educating, etc.

Once you know your end goals and work backwards, take all the elements you know about hashtags, great captions, call to actions, etc. and use an app/service like Iconosquare to post at an optimized time.  The fee for a Pro account is nominal and dare I say essential, because posting once a day at an optimized time is a way better use of your time than posting 2-3 times a day when no one will ever see what you post.


If you're looking for some more in depth tips for Instagram, I created an easy to implement 10+ page PDF to help you out.  Click below to grab yours now!


I hope these tips help you be more efficient and productive when it comes to using Instagram for your business or blog.  

Speaking of, I'd love to have you follow along on my Instagram accounts if they look like the kind of thing you're into!


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****This blog post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you click on a link and purchase an item. This is at no additional cost to you and helps support this blog and it's content.

Blog Talk: 5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Start a Blog

Blogging, Business Development, How to BlogAnneke McConnell

Hi friends! It's been a while since I've done a Blog Talk around these parts, but after several requests, I'm reinstating it as a weekly topic. 

When people hear the word "blog" or "blogging", they may have a very specific idea about what it is or it can sound extremely vague.

The truth is there are ALL different kinds of blogs, bloggers, and niches out there and getting a blog up and running can be a little intimidating. Another truth is that it is NOT for everyone.

Tackling this weekly topic is an opportunity for me to pay it forward and help you learn from my experiences and mistakes - and possibly some awesome blogging friends of mine!

So today's topic is focusing on reasons why you SHOULD start a blog. If you have a question (or two) for future posts, I'd love to know!

1. You have ideas and information that you want to share with people.

Mind blown I'm sure, but really......a blog is simply a place to share information with other people to inspire, motivate, teach, encourage, entertain, or save them time and money.  If you were to start a blog, what ideas do you want to share?  Do you truly believe in them??  Then a blog is a great place to "put it out there"! Plus, it's YOUR website that you own!


2. A blog is a catalyst for future growth.

We have no way of knowing what the future holds and how things will change, but one thing is certain, change will be a part of a blog.  As your blog grows and evolves, it can be what leads you to opportunities you made not have had otherwise.  Blogging has the potential to be a stellar resume of sorts and a stepping stone to that next big thing.


3. You want to work from home and have a flexible schedule.

Not everyone has the discipline and ability to schedule and manage themselves to run a blog, but if you do, blogging provides an amazing degree of flexibility. You are literally in charge of your schedule!  If you are a natural planner or willing to learn and set systems in place, you'll be successful in blogging.


4. You own a business and want to use your website to bring in more clients or customers.

The majority of businesses who utilize a blog gain more traffic than those that don't.  Whether you're a small business owner who creates handmade goods or offer services such as a photographer, florist, or designer, it's a great way to help your potential client or customer get to know you and build a trusting relationship.


5. The earning potential is HUGE.

Now I'm not going to lie and say that blogging is a way to "get rich quick".  In fact, for most it takes months of hard work and dedication to build a foundation and grow their audience and influence. That CAN be you with a plan and patience!

Building a business online has the potential to reach like-minded people all over the world, people who love you, what you have to share, and want to buy from you.  Connecting and making a positive impact on people who "get you" are the fringe benefits! 

I hope you guys find this "new" series helpful!  If you haven't grabbed my FREE ebook on starting a blog, you can download it by clicking below.  

I wrote this after realizing how I was blogging "all wrong" and wanted to share what I learned to turn it around. :-)