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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 #Nsale Tips for Success!

Fashion, Fave PicksAnneke McConnell

If you following along, especially on Instagram, there is A LOT of buzz going on about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale right now since Early Access begins this Thursday, July 14th.

But all that chatter is for GOOD reason!

This is the sale of sales when pre-season fall and winter items are majorly discounted to post season sale prices!  This means the best selection at lowest prices. Thumbs up to that!


Last year was my first year taking the girls and it was SO fun!


I'm excited to treat you ladies to some extra special attention, so before I get into the details and tips, make sure you SIGN UP BELOW for exclusive email only giveaways and reviews, plus I'm planning to venture out a bit this year and include some LIVE Q. & A. videos on Facebook!

OK! So with this sale, comes (in my honest opinion), complete overwhelm.  There are hundreds and hundreds of items that are discounted, but that's what us style bloggers are here for >>> to inspire and you with your closets and help you build the confidence to wear what you love!


Here a several tips to help you navigate the madness of the #nSale and actually have FUN!

1.  Make sure you are signed up for the Nordstrom debit or credit card!

Cardholders get an entire week of early access (no debt required with the debit card option!) with the best selcetion!  Plus, being a card member has other great benefits you can learn more about on the page to sign up. If you're not a cardholder yet, you can sign up HERE.

2. Go through your closet.

Not gonna lie.....sales like this can be extremely overwhelming.  Everything looks so cute and the deals are steep, BUT we want you to add items to your closet that you need or want AND make you feel great.  No buyers remorse here (although Nordstrom's return policy is like none other amazing)!

Take a little time to go through your closet and figure out what fits well or doesn't.'s ok to let go of those items that don't make you feel GREAT!  I'm considering doing this personally LIVE on Facebook - the Great Closet Clean Out!! Should I?! Let me know - maybe on Wednesday!

Also, just check if items are worn and need thrown out or donated, so you have a list of specific items to look out for during the sale. ;-)

3. Have a list!

Yes! This will be so much more fun if you have a list of items to search for online versus random browsing. Browsing is super fun in my opinion, so if you love doing that, go for it.  Have that list too though!

Booties, statement jewelry, watches


4. Think GIFTS!

Many people take advantage of these pre-season sales to snag cute gifts for Christmas, birthdays, etc. like watches, leather boots, winter coats and outerwear, skirts, dresses, purses and designer handbags (I have my eye on the most beautiful Tory Burch bag! - wink* wink* husband!), and oh my word the jewelry. Just yes. 

You name it - it's there. Don't forget home decor and beauty items! It's the perfect time to save and be done.


5. Stop saying, "I could never wear that" and Don't be afraid to try new things!

I can't tell you how many times I wasn't too sure about a fashion item, but decided to try it and LOVED it!  Sometimes we are so supportive of others, but unknowingly stick ourselves in "a box".

Don't be afraid to branch out and try those skinny jeans, heels, booties, fun patterned top, or fall hat.  You may surprise yourself!

Have a beautiful day!