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Splurge vs. Save: Skinny Jeans, Plaid, Military Vests, and More

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Happy #WishListWednesday beautiful friends! The more opportunities I get to work with women one on one, I've realized more and more how helpful it is to be able to find "Looks for Less".  I personally have determined what kind of items I am willing to save and pay a little more money for in quality, but I completely understand that not everyone wants that for themselves.  I totally get it - especially in the years I was pregnant and nursing, my body was changing frequently and I was looking for options to look and feel my best through those transitions without investing in multiple pieces at different sizes.


Ok, so I am a fashion lover and research freak.  There...I admit it. I love love love the challenge of searching the internet, styling outfits, and brining you all the options.  And when I find the perfect item that is all sold out (boo!), I keep looking for you.  I love it.


I hope you love this look and find that special something for your fall and winter wardrobe, which is basically the same thing here in Washington state. Lol  I am personally loving those Ugg Rainboots - just wishing they came in a bright red color like the Hunters. ;-)


Have a beautiful day friends and see you back here tomorrow for the dining room table makeover! It's a beauty!!





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