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The Best Little White Dresses for Spring and Summer

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As we begin to transition into Spring and wedding season is around the corner, white dresses are a staple for the coming months!  I personally think they can look great on EVERYONE!

Lace is a good feature to look for when choosing a dress as it's all over the place right now and for good reason - it's gorgeous, classic, AND fashion forward in trending shapes and patterns.

Whether you are looking for something for a nicer occasion or a casual beach walk, I've rounded up some great options below.

I LOVE this pretty lace shift dress for nicer occasions and this cotton dress for a more casual vibe.


Some things to look for when shopping for white dresses are:

  1. Consider what the use and occasion of your dress is.  Look for dresses that are lined or a thicker material so you avoid any see through action.

  2. Remember that texture like lacy, pleats, etc. can help to create a more seamless look.

  3. Pick a dress that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, and for more special occasions something that highlights your favorite features.  Maybe a long strapless maxi dress to show off your shoulders or a skater dress to accentuate your waist.  




Many of these dresses come in a variety of colors which is always nice! I'd love to know which ones you love most!!








P.S. "People who like boxes usually want you to stay in yours. Be bold. Be you."


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