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Bookcase Styling Made Simple

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I have to admit, up until recently I was the person who avoided open bookcases at all costs. They often end up looking messy and cluttered, so I just personally assume to go with a cabinet that has doors to "hide the mess" of it all.

Sounds familiar?  Now that I've been "schooled" in how to decorate a bookshelf, I'm excited to pass along some ideas to you as well so you can style your bookshelf with confidence!

This gorgeous bookcase above was styled by my friend Heather from The Decor Fix.   To me, bookshelves are one of the trickiest areas in your need them to function, but you also want them to add to the style of the room.   Plus, a well styled bookshelf can have such an impact.  Case in point above!

Heather has created the most fantastic bookshelf styling class that even as a design lover, I learned so much from her and am happy to share her class with you.  It's the perfect mix of knowledge and action without any amount of overwhelm. #mykindofclass

After years working as a designer, Heather developed a tried-and-true method for bookshelf styling that works with any decorating style.  For myself, this includes a lot of white coral, seashells, framed photos of family, and of course books upon books!

When you sign up for the class (discounted through February!), you get immediate access to 90 minutes of videos as well as handy templates and cheat sheets to help you style your space. 

Heather will guide you through how to use the existing items in your home, shop smart, and style with an overall plan in place. (No more guesswork and constant rearranging) #yesplease

Heather acts like your personal decor coach as she teaches you the "whys and hows" of styling, so if you have ever felt overwhelmed by styling, this class is for you.


While Heather goes into the full breakdown, here are some tips that have helped me over the years.

1. Less is More.

Bookshelves definitely start to look cluttered when there is too much going on. Avoid jam-packing the thing to the brim and purge unnecessary items. Ask yourself, "Do I really need this book I've been meaning to read for 3 years?' Yup.....I just went there. (only because I've been there)


2. Consider A Different Bookshelf.

I've been in that position where we had a home full of hand-me-downs and they honestly just didn't fit the space properly.  Before you say, "But I don't have the money to buy something new!" Wait!  If that's the case, don't stress about it.  Heather will help you out! If you are able to sell what you currently own and buy a new or used bookshelf that fits your home and needs better, go for it!  

I'm also working on more tips for painting furniture if that's more of your need. Details HERE.


3. Shop Your Home.

You'd be surprised what can make a bookshelf finally "work".  Look around your home for decor items that can be pulled together to create a functional bookshelf that is also your kind of style.




If you're looking for some decor ideas:

- One Kings Lane has beautiful options for book ends!

- Minted has endless, affordable options for art.

- Wayfair is my go to for all things baskets and organization.

- Amazon is where I find some pretty cool picture frames like this square brushed gold one << LOVE THIS!

- Of course check out your local shops, etsy, thrift stores, and own home!


It's honestly a gift to yourself to have a home you can LIVE in, instead of one you constantly feel like "you're working on".  If you're struggling with styling your bookshelves in a way that works for your life, Heather is going to save you so much time and frustration.

It may seem like a simple thing, but time and time again, it proves challenging.

I invite you to check out Heather's class and see for yourself! Click the button below to watch her video and learn more.


Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to enjoy the view!





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