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***A "Must-Know" tip to when shopping Amazon Prime - read and share!

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As someone who loves to share not just what I love and am wearing personally, but also great deals and styles I find out there for you amongst the mass of options, I HAD to share this must know tip when shopping Amazon Prime. ( membership is the and we use it for streaming video and music as well).

You see, our family loves the convenience of the free two-day shipping, free returns, items backed by Amazon, etc.  There are some listings out there that you should be aware of as a buyer though.

I made a video for you below so you can see what you need to watch out for when going into this holiday season of buying items for your family gatherings, work parties, gifts for friends and kids, etc.

When you expect something as a Prime owner within 2 days, and that turns into 1-2 weeks, that is sure to add more stress than you need for the holidays.

Let's keep the season as stress-free as possible, right ladies?!

I hope this helps you avoid any disasters not only this holiday season, but in general as an Amazon shopper!

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