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Blog Talk: Blogging Habits to Save You Time and Make You Money

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Welcome to another Blog Talk post! When teaching people what I've learned over the years about blogging and how to start a blog successfully, they usually fall into two spectrums.

The first person is the semi-established blogger (or aspiring blogger) with an imbalance of time involved blogging in relation to them making money (i.e. blogging more doesn't equal making more, being more helpful, or creating a healthy community).  

The second person is the business owner who want to incorporate blogging into their business, but they just don't have the time. Trust me, I understand!

Before diving into these habits, I'd like to give you my blogging ebook for free.

Ok, so what habits can you incorporate into your blog and business so that blogging makes sense?


1. MORE content doesn't mean BETTER results.

At some point, you have to ask yourself, "What the heck's the point?"  I used to be that blogger that blogged and blogged and blogged and stayed up until 2am and had laundry everywhere and was seriously so stressed out.  It was a little out of control.  Worse than that, I wasn't really getting paid much of anything from my blog and my blog wasn't assisting my goals as a small business. I wasn't being smart about my content.

Focus about 80% of your content on what your audience really needs or wants from you, and then create something that is useful, entertaining, practical, a lesson learned, etc.  These kind of blog posts will be 10x more impactful than those that are not.

And YES, this looks different for every niche! Parenting, Crafts, photography, fashion blogging, selling essential oils, and those with a small business in the health, wellness, and food industries.

Now with that said, of course you may throw in small posts here or there like my previous post on some great home decor and fashion deals this last weekend.  I am a design and style blogger, so part of my job is to help save people the time it takes to find these items (and save them money!).  

Basically, some posts are more practical and to the point than in depth like a "How To" or "Tutorial".  Don't blog more for the sake of blogging.  Spend less time creating posts of Quality.


2. Schedule Your Blog Posts.

You are going to go through seasons of life where you don't want anything to do with your blog, business, computers or technology.  I'm a HUGE believer in stepping away for extended periods of time and avoiding the dread "content fatigue" that many online content creators experience.

Instead of posting 3-5 days per week, give yourself to slow down a bit, create the same posts, and schedule them out a little bit farther apart to give yourself some breathing room. If you are a business owner, even 2-4 quality blog posts per month can be huge to your bottom line!

So now that you are scheduling your posts, when you want to take that week long vacation, you can actually relax and not worry about creating 5 posts the night before you have to leave (which probably don't meet the criteria in my first suggested habit)!  Scheduling and thinking ahead gives you permission to have a day off and get out of "survival mode".


3. Hire Some Help.

Consider point #2, this is huge. It's also a touchy subject for quite a number of many bloggers and business owners, but the potential impact is HUGE.  Some thoughts that may be going through your head.

"But they can't do it like I do!"

"There's no way I can afford that."

"I don't have time to train someone."

Listen......I've been there.  But I wouldn't be where I am today if I tried to do EVERYTHING by myself.  I wouldn't have an ebook, graphics, high quality photos, an online class, and the reach I do on social media if I did it all myself. There just aren't enough hours!

Going solo works for a little while, but eventually you reach a breaking point.

Eventually you start to miss your family, a clean home (hire that out!), sleep, a balanced way of life and you're not quite sure how to have fun without "working on your blog or business".

Eventually you want to go on vacation, and actually have it be a vacation......knowing your business is taken care of and you don't look like you dropped off the online map.

A great resource for this is Upwork, which is a site to connect you to freelancers.  This kind of platform is a life-saver and a safe way to hire or be hired for work.

Give it a try and maybe start with a temporary job with the potential for more work in the future OR hire people for single jobs like editing photos, improving your SEO (search engine optimization), or social media promotions.  Take a look and browse around and soon enough you'll see the power of outsourcing or hiring for some help!


That's it for now!


If you are interested in taking your blogging to the next level and learning how to Blog for Biz, I'd like to invite you to learn more about my online course Blogging For Biz. Click the button to learn more.

Have a great day!



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