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Casual Blues Mood Board & Dealing with Over-Analyzing Everything

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Hey friends! With the transition of Spring to Summer upon us, it's my favorite time to check out all my fave home decor & fashion sites (like Nordstrom and Wayfair) and get a jump on what to share with you here on the blog and beyond.

Coastal Blues

But before sharing today's Casual Blues picks, I have to have a little honest talk with you guys. Hope you don't mind!

Awhile back though I was feeling stuck. Like overwhelmingly stuck and found myself over-analyzing every little decision, process, combination of design items, what others might think of my work or choices, what to tackle and when, etc.

These are ALL things I know better than to let trip me up, but what can I say? We're all human!

If you're like me, you're passionate about A LOT of things and want to pursue many things in life. I've often felt conflicted with my interests, loving to build and paint furniture, buy designer handbags and wear heels and share style ideas, but not care if you saw me in "DIY mode" (aka no makeup and a paint stained shirt). I like to talk about the deeper things in life and am admittedly horrible at small talk. I love quality. I'm creative at heart as a singer and designer. And at the end of the day, I believe it's truly about the people in our lives and the homes we share life in.

When you work in the online space, you have a tendency to feel like you have to be "All THIS" or "All THAT" to make it work, but the longer I'm here, I've realized that just doesn't work for me.  I just want to share my ideas with the world and spend as much time with my family enjoying life along the way.  This video by Marie Forleo really helped: 

With that said, I've realized I need to kick the over-analyzing to the curb and just not worry about it! Easier said than done, I know. :-)

Oftentimes when we let ourselves stay stuck in "overanalyzing mode", the truth is.....nothing gets done. Can you relate?


Here are a few things that have been working for me:

1. Live with integrity.

     If I'm making decisions with integrity and a place of service and caring, whether as a wife, mom, or business owner, I don't need to waste time over-analyzing texts, comments, distant opinions, and situations that haven't even occurred yet. 

2. Focus on what I'm grateful for NOW.

    When we over-analyze, it's guaranteed to be about something that's already happened OR something that may happen or is about to happen in the future.  My personality type can get very stuck in the past and future, so being aware of that helps me to recognize when I need to pull my thoughts back to the present and focus on what is working now.

3. Do 3 things.

     Over-analzying has a tendency to paralyze a person, as noted above, so quickly getting things out of your head and onto paper, then taking ACTION on those items can be really powerful.  Steady progress is where it's at in anything: business, health, reading, friendships, etc.  Small actions can get you unstuck.

4. Have grace with myself and others.

     This is HUGE. We all struggle with different things at different times.  One day you're good, but that person you're working with is having an off-day.  Choose to be gracious, because none of us are on our A game 100% of the time. 

Don't worry so much!

Onto today's mood board that I am SO not over-anazlying! ;-) lol See what I did there. 

So now is definitely the time to be on the lookout for all things Summer and Patio sets, not to mention the pretty summery tops and sandals to enjoy them in.

TIP: When shopping for outdoor sectionals, seating groups, dining furniture, etc. it's ESPECIALLY important if you live near salt water that the framing and materials use rust-free aluminum or stainless steel.

Gorgeous wood patio set



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