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You're Invited! New Facebook LIVE Book Group: Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst (no pun intended) ;-)

RelationshipsAnneke McConnell

Hey there friends!  Honest talk - It's been a juggling act over here as I've taken some time away to brainstorm some ideas for the upcoming months.

One thing that's been on my radar and "wish list" is to start connecting with you on Facebook LIVE.  It's unlike anything else to be able to answer your questions and interact with you in real time, and I miss doing this since stepping away from Periscope!

You can find me HERE!

I recently hopped on LIVE to paint a console table and even share my positive and negative experiences with lash extensions after sharing about my reaction on Instagram.

This is where I will be spending more time and branching out into various topics.

I love having fun with painting projects and sharing beauty or style tips and more, but I also love diving into tougher topics we may be struggling with as women like motivation, goal setting, faith, perfectionism, etc.

With that said, we're going to start going through the book Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst, and I'm officially inviting you to join! Ironic I know, but I'm excited!  

I strive to live by the mantra that we are Better Together and I pray that this new direction will help us to connect better and create a strong, supportive, encouraging, and FUN community!

Thank for joining!



Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Mother's Day has become one of those bittersweet holidays for me, recognizing the life-changing, yet AMAZING reality of becoming a mom myself, mourning with those who have lost their mother or even their own child, and those who have struggled with infertility.

There is this unspoken depth to this holiday, with women united in the honor called Motherhood.  So as I share some fun and pretty gift ideas to help you simply say how much you care for the "Mothers" in your life, know that it comes with this understanding.

Truly, the greatest gifts we have are the moments throughout the year together, hugs, experiences, and our health.

With that said, giving gifts as an act of love and appreciation can be downright fun!  If life has gotten a bit crazy (like we did with a kiddo getting sick last week) and you're looking for some last minute ideas, this is for you!





When it comes to quick shipping, I'm a huge fan of Amazon as a Prime Member - BEST thing I did this past year!! Especially since iTunes started charging for service, we now use Amazon music streaming as part of of membership as well.

Ha! Now that I think about it, I probably would be stoked if someone gifted me an Amazon Prime membership. That's just me, but think about it......2-day free shipping from one of the largest online retailers is a GIFT of sanity. Lol

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel, because they've broken gift ideas down into categories for mom's who love fashion, gardening, tech gadgets, photography, craft items, shoes, jewelry, fitness, books, etc.

One of my personal fave gift ideas from Amazon would be their endless options for gifting a magazine subscription. It's literally the gift that keeps giving all year long. And who doesn't love a little monthly Happy Mail?!  My favorites are Coastal Living, HGTVBetter Homes and Garden, and InStyle magazine.

Did you know you can even book home services like home cleaning through Amazon? #mindblown





I don't talk much about travel here, but I can't talk about Mother's Day without saying a trip together would be the ULTIMATE gift!!!  I fondly remember trips with my mom, sister, and girlfriends.  One night away locally to a week long trip abroad would be wonderful!

I've found Trip Advisor to be really helpful and all-encompassing when researching for a trip.   When I was browsing around, I found this STUNNING rental in Maui!  Holy moly!! Grab a crew of friends to split the cost and have some fun together in Hawaii! I usually look for homes to rent so I can cook my own food. :-)





Jewelry is such a classic go-to gift, and for any fashionista or sentimental mom, you can't go wrong with jewelry as a gift.  It says a lot too if you notice what she does and doesn't tend to wear.  For example, I'm pretty big on earrings (big or small), rings, and necklaces, but rarely wear bracelets or watches.  This is one of my personal FAVE jewelry pieces for daily wear. You can go with something trendy, fine jewelry, or even a coordinating set. Below are just a handful of ideas to get you started!

And how cute is this Mama necklace?! I love supporting small business owners, so be sure to browse around on ETSY!



Home Decor

I love to see things around our home that have been gifted to us over time from family and friends.  We have special coral from far away travels, frames, blankets, plants, etc. that mean just a little more because they were given in love and with thought for our coastal loving, rustic modern style.  Here are some home decor items to give you an idea for gifts this Mother's Day and beyond.



When browsing around I was happy to find that ShopBop is having a surprise sale of 40% off.  They have higher end, great quality items, so 40% off is a BIG deal!!! If you know your mom or friend loves good quality, this is a great place to shop online. 

Browse the Sale



A few other places I'd check out for gifts:

Kate Spade:  There are so many classic and cute items with coastal flair. I LOVE this pretty clutch with the turtle on the front!


Stella & Dot: There isn't much I don't love from Stella & Dot, from their chic (and SMART) jewelry, stylish purses and totes, not to mention some pretty cute tunics like the one below!

fringe tote


The Wild and Free Project:  I love how one of my go-to fitness gals, Alexa, has started this clothing line to raise money and awareness toward childhood cancers.  Straight from their website:

"The Wild and Free Project is founded on strong moral principles, dedicated to making a positive impact on the greater community. Through our 'Wild & Free" Movement, we are committed to supporting charitable organizations who fulfill a critical role promoting high quality programs in health-related areas such as childhood cancer. And through The Wild and Free Project, we strive to help these organizations bring encouragement to individuals battling critical health problems. 

We hope that you will join us in our ‘Wild and Free’ movement to raise awareness and support for childhood cancer. 25% of profits goes straight to CureSearch for Children's Cancer and the Kylie Rowand Foundation built on a mission to spread awareness, raise funds for promising, less toxic treatments as well as raise funds for children and their families currently fighting childhood cancer."

I love supporting companies like this that in turn significantly help children and families going through extremely challenging times.  My favorite item from the Wild and Free Project has to be the t-shirt below, but they have options for women, men, AND children! Check it out!



Probably one of my favorite online retailers in general, Nordstrom is a great place to find gifts of all kinds and various price points.  If your mom or friend is a coffee lover like me, you need to check out this pretty MOM mug!! And don't forget the chocolate. ;-)

Ok, so here are just a few recommendations to check out at Nordstrom.


I personally wouldn't mind a gift card for garden flowers, or DIY supplies, but you know the mothers in your life best, so go with your heart, and spoil her with love this Mother's Day!

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Relationships, Valentine's DayAnneke McConnell

Valentine's Day is by FAR one of my favorites!  I love, love LOVE dressing up whenever I can, and Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to go out on a date with my husband.  After 13 years of marriage, I can say with confidence, "Keep dating each other!".

So even when our kiddos were little and it was a "date night in", after they went to bed we could have a fancy dinner to ourselves, usually involving salmon!  It meant a lot to me even in those years with toddlers to get all dressed up.

We do a lot of fun things as a family, but today's blog post is all about outfit ideas for YOU, with a little casual outfit thrown in there too, because yes, movie marathons and strawberries and chocolate on the couch together counts as celebrating Valentine's Day. 




A Lighter Pink Look For Valentine's Day


Wherever you celebrate Valentine's Day this year, I hope that it is filled with love, and that you have the confidence to be yourself with those who love and care about you!




P.S. If you're new to Coastal Collective Co., I'd like to invite you to take The Make It Happen Challenge! It's a FREE 5-Day Video Series I made to help people meet their goals.

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An Open Letter To My Husband......

Marriage, Relationships, Valentine's DayAnneke McConnell

*This letter was originally published by myself on my previous blog.  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought it would be good to revisit and share our experience (now married 13 years!) and hopefully encourage you in your marriage whatever season you are in right now.

xo, Anneke



It’s been 12 years, 7 months, 14 days and 22 hours since we stood before family and friends and said “I do”.

I was 19.  You were 23.

Both young, but ready to commit to forever…..together.



We didn’t even know what that meant.  Honestly…..


I’ve been writing this letter in my head for weeks….every since that stupid fight we had.  Those arguments that have miraculously over the years become a calm dispute, but still leave you looking each other in the eye and wondering, “Is this how we’re going to live the rest of our lives?”  You know it, and I know it.


Those kind of fights suck.  I hate the feeling it leaves in us.  It’s toxic to our marriage and permeates into every area of our life.  I’m not as good at anything when things aren’t right with you.  But if I’m being honest, this isn’t about you and this isn’t about me.  It’s about something much greater than that.


Isn’t it ironic that they say love is worth fighting for?  Seems more like it’s worth praying for to me.


You and I are like nothing else.  We’ve never been the oogly-eyed passionate lovers that selflessly serve each other at any given opportunity.  At times we butt heads and it seems easier to love others than it does to love each other.  We are both in our own unique ways equally stubborn, driven, passionate, and all consuming in our endeavors.


We’ve seen others give up on each other along the way.  And not because of awful circumstances, but because “life happens” and “people change”.  It makes me want to scream because we get it.  We’ve felt that way.  But we’re still here….together….and it’s worth it!  Marriage isn’t a bouquet of roses every waking moment.



I knew it would be tough, because that is, after all, part of life. The ups and downs are inevitable.  We promised before God to love, honor and cherish in sickness and in health, and in the highs and the lows.

But looking back all those years ago at the good and bad and sad and adventurous moments, I never understood what it meant to say what I said to you a few weeks ago at the end of that stupid fight.  A saying that could only be understood after 12 years, 7 months, 14 days and 22 hours of marriage.


I love you in the in between.



At those greatest highs and lows in life, we have made it through with our faith and family and friends.  But I’ve found........’s the every day moments of life that have the capability of diluting love over time if you aren’t careful.


Until now, I never quite knew how to say that to you.



I love you in the every day.

The mundane. The simple.

When we’re stuck on the side of the road.

When the bacon gets burnt.

When the schedules collide.



I love you in the in between.


When there is no sickness, but we feel anything but healthy.

When things seem so routine….so monotonous and boring.

When we’re sleep-deprived parents of 3 kids under 4 and things are far from “sexy”.



I love you in the in between.


I love you because you are an amazing, and I mean, AMAZING dad.


You dance with our daughters and take them to the ballet.  You tell them that they are beautiful. That they are special. That they are tough, talented, and capable of anything they put they hearts and minds to.  You listen to them, hear their hearts and dreams, and encourage their personalities to shine.


You wrestle with our son, but teach him what a true gentleman is.  You teach him things I never could as his mom….from all those life skills about fishing and hunting to gross boy things like making fart noises in your elbow.  Which ironically makes me cringe and laugh simultaneously.


Remember that time when we had an ice cream fight in your old beat up truck so long ago.  It’s such a small thing, but I love telling our kids stories of silly little moments like that…..moments of life lived in all encompassing joy because we were simply living it together.


It didn’t matter if we were in our little starter home rambler, custom built craftsman or quirky beach house.


It’s just been one day, one step at a time, together.


Because of you, our kids have a father that is an amazing example of love, hard work, kindness, intelligence, compassion, fearlessness, boundaries, faith, joy, and persistence.


I love you in the in between.


The in between is the day to day of life.  The moments that make up the years.


Changing hairstyles.

Changing interests.

Changing homes, jobs, and incomes.

Changing food habits.  

Changing expectations.  

Changing dreams……


So. Much. Change.


But I love you in the in between.


All these years later and we know we’re so stubborn we would have given up on this thing called marriage a long time ago if it weren’t for our faith in Jesus.  The in between is not always easy, exciting, or even fulfilling.  And those not so hot “in between” moments can stretch for days, months, and for some…..years.


But I didn’t marry you so you could be the ultimate fulfillment and excitement for my life.

I didn’t marry you so you would be my end all and thrill.

I didn’t marry you because you were perfect…sorry to break it to ya. 


Even in spite of all those crappy moments, I LOVE doing this thing called life with you!

I LOVE being one with you in a world that says “It’s all about me”.


Every year, even through those disagreements, changes, decisions, and more……we fall more in love in a way we never knew was possible.


It’s a love that goes beyond butterflies in your stomach, flirtatious grins, and date nights in 120mm louboutins.

It’s a love that hopes and dreams, yet faces dismal challenges together.

It’s a love that forgives….even if it takes longer than we’d like to admit.

It’s a love that can be shouted from the rooftops or still and silent.

It’s a love that stands up for what is good and right and holy.

It’s a love centered on Jesus.



Thank you for loving me and all my flaws. For pushing me out of my comfort zone. For supporting my dreams.

Thank you for loving me in my incredibly weak moments and failures.

Thank you for loving our kids in a way I never even knew would make my heart melt.

Thank you for loving others and doing your best to serve them, truly wanting the best for them.

Thank you for loving life.  And for loving me amidst the in between moments that make up life.


I love you in the in between.


I am honored to be your wife….


xo, Anneke

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