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The New Year is off with a bang as we are now back into our routine as a family and the kids are back in school.  I'm excited for the year ahead with more design work, my Blogging for Biz and Goal Achievement groups, as well as personal endeavors for our family.  I have traveling HIGH up on the list!

I often post more designs on Instagram at @coastalinteriors, but am making it my goal to post my designs on the blog so they are easier to find for you.  Please comment below or on social media if there are particular topics you'd like me to share about in the future.


Here are a fews ideas I'm contemplating:

  • How To Decorate While In Transition: for example, you know you are moving in the near future.
  • Home Building Series: we have been through this process ourselves and my father in law is a builder, so I think this could be beneficial to those of you interested in the process.
  • The Look For Less: sometimes we like the look, but not the price.  What are your thoughts on a series that helps you achieve a similar look on a tighter budget.
  • The Process of Organizing and Decluttering for a home you LOVE.
  • How to Create a "Decorating Plan": it's hard when we would like it all done at once, but it's not always possible.


I 'd love to know your thoughts! These are specifically ideas for the "Home" side of the blog.  I will also be adding more to the "Fashion" side as well, but that's another post!  

On another note, I'm considering adding a few contributors to the site, so if there are other topics you are interested in for Coastal Collective Co., I'm all ears. I'm leaning toward Food/Kitchen, because who wouldn't want to learn more about tasty coastal food?!  And possibly Health/Wellness/Activities because it is important to me to share more about a positive life.

Enjoy your day!





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