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Hey friends! It's that time of year that we tend to focus on those outdoor projects, and if updating your lighting is on the list, I've rounded up a variety of coastal style outdoor sconces for you. Below are my top 10 favorites from today's post (because choosing only 5 was too tough!).

When it come to choosing outdoor wall sconces (or outdoor lighting of any kind), there are several things to keep in mind before choosing a winning fixture.  Ask yourself these questions when looking around?

1. Are you in need of statement lighting (usually more lights and larger) or integral lighting (more of a subdued sconce with indirect functional lighting)?

2. What finish do you prefer? Black, antique brass, stainless steel, or even a pop of color with red, blue, or yellow like these >>> click here.

3. What's your preference for seeing or not seeing the bulb(s)?  If choosing a sconce with glass, consider whether you prefer clear, frosted, seeded glass, or another decorative glass finish.  If you can see the bulb, what type of bulb do you prefer? This depends of the type of light needed, so always be sure to check that first! Edison bulbs are a great option

4. Also when choosing outdoor sconces, consider whether you would like them to be dimmable and if not, what "brightness" you are looking for. The lower the watts the lower the light output.  Most bulbs can be found with the same wattage, but different "color" as well, meaning more warmth/yellow versus cool and white.

5. Last, but not least, consider the "cleanability" factor and ease of changing a bulb. If you hire someone to maintain your overall house needs, this may not be a factor. However if it's on you or another person in your household to change the bulbs, the ease of changing them out should at least be recognized and considered.  

I hope this helps you to find that perfect outdoor sconce for your home. They really can change and complete the look of your home!


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Outdoor Sconces


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