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Using A Console Table as a Desk in Small Spaces + Recent Fashion Finds

Anneke McConnell

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When it comes to decorating, a little trick of mine that I've used repeatedly is using console tables as a desk instead of an actual desk.  Often times, I have a skinny little nook that a desk of standard width would look bulky and stick out.  That's not the look I'm going for, but need some function in our little beach house life!

We are slowly but surely becoming accustomed to "thinking outside the box" when it comes to small house living and on how to marry our needs with reality, multipurpose EVERYTHING, and in a way that makes our home feel light and refreshing. 

Now, this admittedly doesn't work with every console table, but with these few points to look out for, you can implement this trick as well.


Are those console tables above not the CUTEST ever?! I spotted those and thought right away how perfect they would be in a kid's room!

White and Gold Console Table with Drawers


Ok, so some things to take note of when shopping around for consoles as desks:

1. Avoid lower shelves and bars.

Ok, so you need a place to push in your desk chair or stool, as well as put your feet.  Choose a console table that is the style of a writing desk.  Maybe it has an upper shelf, but even that can be cumbersome when you're sitting there.


2. Determine YOUR optimal depth range.

There is no standard depth for console tables and they vary widely. 14" may be too slim for some people's work space (like those cute colorful ones above), but 16"-18" may be just about right.  You're calling the shots! Measure the space you want to use it for and look for options within that range.


3. Check the total height.

Many console tables range in height and are often HIGHER (and sometimes lower) than desks, so this will of course affect your seating options. Standard heights range from 28"-32" high.  If you're looking for a child, a lower table may be PERFECT.  Just be aware of how this will affect your seating.  Standard seat height is 17" give or take.


When considering these points above, you can narrow down your options along with your preferences of style, color, etc. and find the perfect console table to use as a desk.


As a happy note, I've found they tend to stay clear of clutter because they are smaller! Go figure! ;-)


Below are some console tables I believe are beautiful options for using as a desk as well.  Have you tried this before? I'd love to know in the comments!







P.S. "Generosity always wins."


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