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How To Make Getting Dressed Easier

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Have you ever felt like getting dressed in the morning was a struggle?? What to wear when the weather isn't what you thought? Want to know the secret on how to make getting dressed easier and fun??

When I've talked with friends and family about style and fashion, I find that there are many of them who honestly just don't know what to put on in the morning, how to put pieces together, and where to find quality items at a good price.

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5 Tips to Make Getting Dressed Easier


1. Pick items that mix and match well.  

It is a major stress relief when you have multiple items that work together well.  It's easy to spice things up a bit with a shirt, scarf, and accessories.  Pick items within the same color scheme and don't let anyone let you feel about "same old, same old".  We dress for what works with our lifestyle.  If that's a dress everyday, then have those go-to pieces you can mix and match with certain shoes.  If that's jeans and a sweater - go with it!  I LOVE color, but I personally have a ton of tan, blues, grays and navy in my wardrobe with the occasional jewel tones.  It's what I love and they work well together. :-)


2. Get Your Items Organized.

Not much needs to be explained here - get your stuff organized.  Nothing screams difficulty more than hard to find, hard to reach, random pieces of clothing and accessories everywhere.  Take the time to make things neat and tidy up at least once a week to stay on top of things.


3. Let Go of the Past.

Every day women stare into their closets, and they end up seeing the items they used to wear that they still love but don't fit quite right or they are in a different season of life.  I remember facing this for YEARS as I was pregnant with each of our three kiddos, then nursing, etc. Nothing fit the same.  When these items stop staring at you every day, it is easier to get dressed and a boost of confidence when you have a closet of things that work with your current season.  Even if you don't want to donate certain clothes, consider putting them away in a tote until it's a more appropriate season to bring them out again.


4. Speaking of Seasons - Box Up Non-Season Clothing.

Even if you have a big enough closet, getting those summer clothes out of site when it's freezing outside makes it a million times faster to get dressed in the mornings!  When you see only the actual available items, your mind can make a quicker decision about what to wear.


5. Buy less. Choose well.

It's true. I'm a style blogger encouraging you to buy less.  You really don't need 10 plaid shirts and 100 pairs of heels. I promise.  Unless you really love it, it fits you properly and will last (is good quality), my advice is to pass it up.  Save the money from those cheap impulse buys and it will add up to you being able to buy something you love that will last.



If you find these tips helpful, make sure to pin it and share! Here are my faves from the ShopBop sale and don't forget to check out BaubleBar with the code AMIGOS! They have some super pretty new arrivals. :-) Have fun with your clothes, your closet, and living out loud every day!






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