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Make It Happen: Getting Back to Basics

Personal DevelopmentAnneke McConnell

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To some people, it may be a bit cliche, but the basics of life are where it's at. They are the things that boost our productivity ten fold when we adhere to them.  These are those lovely things such as getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising our bodies, and enjoying times of rest and relaxation.  But why oh why is it SO hard sometimes to stick to these basics?!



You  honestly don't need someone to tell you you need to eat well, sleep and be merry. I know that.  Hopefully, however, these tips that I have to share with you will help you get past the "Why is it so hard?' part of making these basic (life-changing, productivity boosting) habits more of a consistent reality. You ready?


Tips To Getting Back To Basics and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN in your life.



That's right - I said it. When you plan ahead and plan these activities into your day WITHOUT COMPROMISE, they are a million times more likely to occur. (in my own estimation and experience). Don't just say you'll eat well, do well for a week and than fall of the wagon. WHAT will you eat and when, and when will you shop?  Don't just say you'll work out 5 days a week. WHEN will you workout and what will you do? What's your back up plan when something goes wrong in your schedule?  Schedule these things into your day with a little bit of grace and a back up plan when things don't go how you anticipated!



Playing off of tip #1, if you don't honor your schedule, you won't honor these basic activities that will make a huge difference in accomplishing your end goals.  It also doesn't do you good if you don't allow "space" in your day for mishaps, rest, and life! Don't over schedule yourself. #preachingtothechoir  So, if you've decided that it is important enough to you to schedule, honor it without compromise.



Sometimes in order to achieve one goal, you need to focus on another area of your life.  For example, I realized after months of struggling to wake up earlier, I was focusing on changing the wrong habit.  What I needed to change was my evening routine. I needed to change everything I did in the evenings to compound into going to bed earlier, and therefore waking up earlier.  What is it in your life that is affecting you from reaching other goals?  Take literally at least 5 minutes to think about your goals and brainstorm on paper.  What stands out to you?


As a weekly series, I'm keeping this quick and light. I'd love to have you tackle one thing at a time and join me on Periscope for #MakeItHappenMondays where we share what we do and our goal for the week! It's a great place to find others who can help you with your goals as well. :-)

What "basics" do you struggle with, if any? (for my overachievers) ;-)  What tips do you have to share with others on getting a grip on the "basics" of life for success?


Share your thoughts below or on social media. Have an awesome day friends!



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