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Can We Slow Down Time? #vlog

Personal Development, FamilyAnneke McConnell

Many of us are undoubtedly feeling the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season with activities, crafts, Christmas Tree lightings, parades, work parties, and so on.  All of these are WONDERFUL!! 

There was something stirring inside me the past week, as sensed in my last post, that I needed to be more selective and intentional about what we would be committing to this season.  It's ok to say no. In fact, there's no way you can do it all, right?

I've kept the Christmas decor to a minimum and we have a couple things a week we're doing as a family, whether inside at home or out and about together.  My motto this year is do less to enjoy be fully there, to look my husband and kiddos in the eyes, let their laughter sink into my heart and settle there for awhile before "moving on" to the next thing.

So a confession for you.  I am seriously the WORST scrap booking crafty type person in the history of ever.  But I've felt compelled to just look back over the memories (thank you Facebook), and put together a collage video of sorts for us to remember moments spent together over the years, all to my new FAVE song by Us The Duo called Slow Down Time.  You can find it HERE.

I hope this short video inspires you to slow down, look your loved ones in the eyes this season, and enjoy every  moment we are blessed to have.




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