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Coastal Collective Kids: Back to School Ideas

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Hello friends! With summer in full swing, it's hard to even think of back to school, but I made a deal. My oldest daughter approached me awhile back about starting her own business. mommy? Lol ;-)  After much persistence from her about this "business stuff", I asked her if she'd be interested in working with me on a kids segment for the new blog, to which she replied an enthusiastic YES!


With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in full swing, it was the perfect opportunity for her to share some ideas she had and get some back to school shopping done.  These deals are crazy you guys! I picked a few ideas and said no to some others, but for the most part these are her own picks. She's not fussy about fashion, but she is particular about how she pairs things for certain occasions and not when she's not off playing on the beach or climbing trees.  I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful, sweet, smart daughter Annabelle.

Yup! Holding our sweet little malitjpoo puppy Copper!   I haven't even introduced him really, but he is turning out to be the absolutely sweetest pup ever with just a bit of sass and spunk - perfect for us!!


So today's post is focusing on back to school fashion and hopefully in a way that can help you choose pieces for your kiddos that will last and are transitional in between the seasons.  We were looking for well fitting jeans [I'm SO impressed with the fit on these!], under tanks, warm cardigans for layering, comfortable booties, boots, and flats, and then I let Annabelle pick out one item on her own that was a really BIG deal to her. She feels so grown up - it's too cute. I hope you enjoy the outfits we've put together and future Coastal Collective Kids posts - if so, please share.  It will make her day I'm sure!!  Thanks!


There are so many great items to choose from for your kid's back to school clothes in this sale. Here are a handful of some other favorites we found.  Jeans, sweaters, jackets, shoes, tops, you name it.  Some of these we bought for my other daughter too!

Ok, and if there is ONE thing from this entire amazing sale that I could pick that you should get for your daughter, niece, mom, friend, sister, teacher, etc., it has got to be THIS necklace. I'm serious....stock up now for birthdays, Christmas, wedding showers, and more. It's the perfect mix between a statement necklace and a delicate necklace - just the right touch of sparkle! For under $40 during this sale, it's a beautiful steal.


My boxes of goodies from Nordstrom just arrived in the mail yesterday, so I'll be sharing more on sizing and whatnot in an upcoming post or two, but overall I'm super happy with what I was able to find. I will say that I tend to buy sweaters larger because I love the oversize fit, and almost every sweater I bought I ordered up a size and could have just ordered my regular size.  I'm debating exchanging them so I hope they aren't sold out! Am I the only one who wears an XS to XL around here? Lol  The fit of items is all personal in my opinion. ;-)  I've link up my big girl, Pacific Northwest stay at home mom, work at home mom picks below - photos coming soon! Happy shopping you guys!!



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