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The Best of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

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Today is the kick off of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, and I know many of us are incredibly excited to snag some cute summer sandals, handbags, tops, dresses, and more!

Even as a blogger, navigating these sales can be extremely overwhelming >>>> the shoe section alone has almost 4000 options! And that's just the women's, but I for one also have a husband and three kiddos (I am SO thankful for sales like these!).

The Half Yearly Sale lasts until June 4th, but let me give you a few tips before you jump in:

1. Start with the Shoes.

     Many of the more popular shoe sizes sell out right off the bat, so I suggest starting there with a bit of an idea of what you need.  Get as specific as you can in the search on size, color, style, etc. You can bet I've got these Coach espadrille sandals in my cart!

2. Grab Your Handbag Picks.

     Many of the favorite handbags are the next to go, so if you see a handbag you love, snag it right away! I missed out on an amazing deal for the Tory Burch Parker Tote because I waited a few hours. It's still on sale elsewhere,  but still a bit higher priced. Lesson learned >>>> if you know you'd like to go for it, don't wait.

3. Buy in Batches.

     Speaking may sound a bit crazy to some, but because Nordstrom is so amazing with their free shipping and returns policy, I recommend buying items in batches instead of doing a big "Final Order". But only if you are certain about the items (particularly shoes and handbags)!  This way you don't lose out on an incredible deal, since most items are 40-50% off.

4. This is the time to buy RUGS.

    I'm particularly fond of the Dash & Albert and Couristan rugs, especially with a stair runner installation project on the horizon. There are so many great options though!


I still have a lot of browsing around to do, but here are my personal top picks and a favorites round up for YOU! Have FUN!! ;-)











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