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Life Talk: New Beginnings

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So I mentioned on Instagram this past week that I had a more personal blog post I wanted to share with you guys. While I mainly stick with interior design and style, I like to get more personal and down to earth with people every now and then. (FYI, new video series IS coming!)

Now recently it was my amazing sister's birthday! Yay!  But this year I felt compelled to go beyond the traditional "Here's a gift and I love you so much!" kind of gift.

The idea of "New Beginnings" is typically reserved for New Year's Resolutions, but the timing of this idea of New Beginnings seemed right to kind of sit down and have a talk with her - a talk together about partnering together and being accountable for New Beginnings in each other's lives on a continuous basis.

When I came across this Lotus Leaf necklace, I knew instantly that this would be the perfect gift not only for her birthday, but as sisters moving forward together with a more raw honesty with each other than we have in the past - true sister's necklace, with very clear meaning behind them.

You know when a good friend is upset about something? It's so easy to be like, "No way. You're amazing! You should have gotten that! I can't believe they said that!"

But an even better friend can get "for real, real" with you and help get you to overcome hurdles, reach your goals, and make positive change in your life.

That's what this means to me and her.

New beginnings.

I love how the box that the necklace comes in says, " reminded of the incredible beauty that can come from change."

But change is so HARD, am I right?!!!  And really, I'm not talking about change in the short term, but the long term.

To see things through with consistency. THAT'S where the good stuff happens!

We've always be honest about our feelings, but this feels like the next step in being part of pushing each other to new heights.  To ask the tough questions and to remind each other why we started and support each other along the way.

I love it. I love her!

It's only been a couple weeks and I'm already SO happy about it! We're texting each other each day checking up and keeping each other accountable.  

If you are looking for New Beginnings in your own life, I'd encourage you to simply ask. Reach out to a friend and ASK. don't know what they'll say, but my prayer is that they would be an encouragement to you!

Do you have a friend like this already or looking for something like this in your life???  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

I will keep you updated on our sister journey together!





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Thank you as always for your continued support as I seek to encourage women to be the beauty God made them to be, and nothing less!


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