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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Nordstrom AnniversaryAnneke McConnell

Hey friends! The time has come for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but before I dive into what I am buying personally and some recommended items, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you, especially if this is your first time shopping the sale. :-)


1. This is my 3rd year shopping the sale, and while I'm excited because it truly has AMAZING SALE PRICES for brand new Fall items, I feel like in the past it was way too easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all and buy things that weren't really my style OR that fit my lifestyle as a stay at home/work at home mom.  

With that said, I'd definitely suggest shopping the sale with a list of TOP items you're shopping for, and don't stray too far unless you find something you absolutely LOVE or is a crazy steal. Last year for me, that was the GloPro Microneedling Tool, and I am still SO HAPPY with that purchase.

GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool Face and Eye Set

It is included in the Anniversary Sale again this year at $100 off and I can't recommend it enough after using it for the past year! 30's are REAL if ya know what I mean! ;-)


2. The people that work at Nordstrom are SUPER nice people, and to be honest, I used to be super intimidated to walk into the store and ask for help. It sounds so silly now! If you're interested in checking items out at your local store, don't be shy and set up an appt. I have yet to meet any associate that isn't an absolute gem!

This North Face fleece pullover has been a go-to, so the Thread and Supply pullover in the sale is a MUST for anyone looking to stay cozy in the Fall and Winter months. Along with the Zella Live In Leggings (aka essentials) you'll be set for comfort. :-)


3. Tomorrow we're headed out for a family staycation to beach house on Whidbey Island (follow along on Instagram stories!) so I'm personally just shopping the Nordy sale online and looking forward to some happy mail when we get home. For the sale, I'm focusing on fall and winter sweaters, denim, ankle boots, some coats, handbags, and workout gear like workout leggings, workout tanks and tennis shoes. :-)

This jacket here is almost identical to a major favorite jacket in this year's sale!! TTS


Here are a few items I currently have in my cart and some top picks! Fingers crossed my final picks will arrive in the mail quickly! :-)




I basically LIVE in cozy sweaters all Fall and Winter so I can't wait to stock up on them!! The prices are too good! THIS SWEATER is my absolute TOP pick!  I love it!!!!




Over the years I have found an appreciation for some well fitting denim, and have been able to drastically declutter my closet by investing in some jeans that really fit well. For me this means fitting my petite self and maintaining excellent shape retention. Basically, they stretch and are comfortable, but don't actually stretch out and get saggy.  I personally love AG, Rag and Bone, and Articles of Society.




Remember that most of these boots and shoes are available in multiple colors! 


See those tall black boots on the left, third row down? Having owned a pair by this brand before, I can say with confidence how comfortable they are! I'm getting that boot this year in the Rust Suede, which is such a stunning color! 

I'll continue to add to update this post, but for now these are my top picks!  Next I'm focusing on coats (THIS ONE IS IN MY CART!!), handbags (this Tory Burch bag has my eye), and jewelry (I was shocked at the price on this Michele watch)!






I can't wait to share more! The sale is GOOD this year and items are already selling out, crazy as that is!!


I hope this helps you navigate the sale a little better! I'll share more as the items I bought arrive in the mail, but in the meantime, don't stress it and HAVE FUN!!


From the beach!



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Design of the Day: Coastal Cool Living Room

Coastal Interiors, Edesign, Home Blog Posts, Interiors, Living RoomAnneke McConnell


Thanks for the love on yesterday's fall outerwear post!  I think since we are currently road tripping across a few states to Yellowstone currently (and it's pretty hot!), I was inspired to created a calm and cool design for the living room today. A design that is classic and will stand the test of time, with a bit of modern flair.

If you enjoy this design, please pin and share it for future reference!

I hate to blog and run, but I'm keeping things pretty short and sweet until our kiddos are back in school. Being full-time mama is my #1 priority this summer!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



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Fall 2016 Outerwear: Quilted Faux Fur Hooded Anorak #Nsale

Fashion Blog Posts, Fashion, Fall FashionAnneke McConnell

Whenever I browse through these incredible pre-season sales like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (one week left to save BIG), my admitted tendency is to go toward the shoes because of sizing (see my boot review HERE), trendy tops and sweaters, jeans, leggings (the BEST), and jewelry. Oh......and handbags!  Can't forget those!

BUT, I tend to overlook the socks, pajamas, beauty, undergarments, and outerwear.  Today, I'm highlighting some great deals on outerwear and sharing my top pick for the fall / winter season ahead.

Now living in Seattle, it's pretty temperate so it doesn't really get blasting hot or cold.  I definitely have my stash of year round sweaters and sweatshirts (not swimwear). ;-)

Ralph Lauren quilted anorak coat Zella Black Leggings / Sole Society Ariana Tote / Sole Society  "Chateau" Drop Earrings



This will probably be one of my go-to coats on those cold blustery days not too far off.  Yes it rains in Seattle, but it's really more drizzly and gray most days........not huge downpours all the time.  I'm SUPER excited to finally have a pair of Sperry's because they are so easy to take on and off with the zipper and comfortable.

As a pretty nostalgic person, I imagine heading to the Pumpkin patch with the family, going Christmas tree hunting, then coming in from the cold and hanging up my coat, taking those Sperry's off and curling up in my leggings and a sweater with the kids zipping hot cocoa.   All the yeses! 

Remember there's just one week left of the Nordstrom sale.  If you've had your eye on something, snag it now!

For those of you wondering, on our Yellowstone trip today we mined for Sapphires! Next stop, West Yellowstone! :-)




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P.S.  The August Issue of Everything Home Magazine just went LIVE.  Check it out below! (My article is on pages 58-59!)

Life Talk: New Beginnings

Fashion Blog Posts, Life Talk, Fall FashionAnneke McConnell

So I mentioned on Instagram this past week that I had a more personal blog post I wanted to share with you guys. While I mainly stick with interior design and style, I like to get more personal and down to earth with people every now and then. (FYI, new video series IS coming!)

Now recently it was my amazing sister's birthday! Yay!  But this year I felt compelled to go beyond the traditional "Here's a gift and I love you so much!" kind of gift.

The idea of "New Beginnings" is typically reserved for New Year's Resolutions, but the timing of this idea of New Beginnings seemed right to kind of sit down and have a talk with her - a talk together about partnering together and being accountable for New Beginnings in each other's lives on a continuous basis.

When I came across this Lotus Leaf necklace, I knew instantly that this would be the perfect gift not only for her birthday, but as sisters moving forward together with a more raw honesty with each other than we have in the past - true sister's necklace, with very clear meaning behind them.

You know when a good friend is upset about something? It's so easy to be like, "No way. You're amazing! You should have gotten that! I can't believe they said that!"

But an even better friend can get "for real, real" with you and help get you to overcome hurdles, reach your goals, and make positive change in your life.

That's what this means to me and her.

New beginnings.

I love how the box that the necklace comes in says, " reminded of the incredible beauty that can come from change."

But change is so HARD, am I right?!!!  And really, I'm not talking about change in the short term, but the long term.

To see things through with consistency. THAT'S where the good stuff happens!

We've always be honest about our feelings, but this feels like the next step in being part of pushing each other to new heights.  To ask the tough questions and to remind each other why we started and support each other along the way.

I love it. I love her!

It's only been a couple weeks and I'm already SO happy about it! We're texting each other each day checking up and keeping each other accountable.  

If you are looking for New Beginnings in your own life, I'd encourage you to simply ask. Reach out to a friend and ASK. don't know what they'll say, but my prayer is that they would be an encouragement to you!

Do you have a friend like this already or looking for something like this in your life???  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

I will keep you updated on our sister journey together!





P.S. I can't not say anything today that The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is indeed open to the Public now! #cuetheconfetti! Today is THE day you guys!! I not one to rush you or say things like "obsessed", I'm just stressing that this is a really great sale on pre-season items at post-season prices. >>>>> #winwin <<<<< I'm headed back to shop outerwear (I've got my eye on THIS), workout gear, and I just saw my fave handbag was restocked at the time of posting this!!!  I definitely advise going at it with a plan (do you need loungewear, gifts, new denim or boots? How about home or bath items like comforters (these linen ones are gorgeous), rugs, towels, or frames. One section I'm restraining on is SWEATERS (oh...and jewelry - dang it!) since I live in them here in Seattle all fall, winter, and spring......and let's be honest, the occasional summer evening. ;-)  Ok....enough of that - be sure to check the top left of the navigation of the blog for all #NSALE posts if you'd like a little more direction. :-)


Thank you as always for your continued support as I seek to encourage women to be the beauty God made them to be, and nothing less!


****The $150 Nordstrom Gift Card Winner is Bianca Copcutt - please email me at




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