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Make It Happen: 3+ Practical Tips To Take The Next Step

Anneke McConnell

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So, in a world seemingly obsessed with the concept of "hustling" to get ahead in life (whatever that means, right?), I've found it fascinating and outright liberating to experience that that is an outright lie.  Some people may enjoy the hustle, but never really examine the cost of the game.

After taking some much needed time away from blogging (previously at where I was continually striving for more in really an aimless and unsustainable system, I'm EXCITED more than ever to come back with a smarter mindset AND share what I've learned along the way through this Make It Happen Series!


This is all about sharing tidbits and actionable steps for you as applies.  We are all in different life stages, going through different ups and downs, so one tip may be the ONE you feel you need to focus on!

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1. Something's Gotta Give:  

It's not rocket science, but it is easy said than done.  In order to make significant strides toward our goals, we have to be intentional about carving the time out to make it happen.  Most of us are not sitting around with a ton of free time, so usually that means something that is not helping us accomplish our goals needs to either move aside temporarily, be decreased in our schedule, or eliminated all together.

Question: What comes to mind as something that is taking up a ton of your time, but is not bringing any value to your life or the lives of those you love? (i.e. - I don't prefer all the driving, but I'm still taking my kid's to sports practice).


2. Rethink Your Time:

Instead of trying to do a million things at once and hustle, hustle, hustle.

Instead of having a million tabs open on your computer at once.

Instead of trying to get dressed while you brush your teeth and listen to the news and, and, and alllllllll at once.


Take a deep breath and know that you can accomplish more when you focus on less at one time. <<< tweet that!

you can accomplish more when you focus on.jpg


It seems counterintuitive, but I can attest that it works!  Now I get it - we are all different. And yes, there are times when we need to pick up the pace and juggle more than a few things at once.  But think of that one thing that you keep putting off that you really want to make happen in your life, but are waiting for whatever reason.  By rethinking how you use your time, from working on a million things at once, to one or two things at once, you'd be surprised how quickly you can meet that goal of yours! (More on this soon)


3. Know That You Are Worth Your Dreams:

I think this can tend to sound cliche these days, but the reality of the feelings people have about their worth is higher than you may realize. I've been there personally and still struggle at times! I'm thankful for the people who have surrounded me in difficult times and believed in my potential when I didn't believe in it myself.  They prayed for me. They checked in on me.  They pushed me and were my cheerleader.  If I can pass that along to anybody, it is time well spent.  I know what it's like to have a dream and even a plan, and then procrastinate, self-sabotage, and ultimately feel like a failure. A little deep for this blog post, but just know that it's okay to make mistakes and it's okay to fail forward.


4. Bonus Tip: Mistakes are Learning Opportunities

This is a great phrase that our kiddo's 2nd Grade teacher would drill into the a super sweet 2nd Grade teacher kind of way. ;-)  I believe it has been foundational for our kids and a phrase we adopted as a family to remind each other that it's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to not have it all figured out. In order to make things happen in our lives, we are often learning, growing and trying new things. Learn and keep moving forward.




What do you think?  What is ONE THING that you are going to commit to making happen in your life this week.  That one thing that immediately pops into your head!! What is it? Think small! It's often those smaller actions that lead to BIG success!




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