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Coastal Interiors: Dining Room Edesign

Anneke McConnell

Table / Chandelier / Napkin / Flatware / Plates / Chair / Rug

With the holiday season just around the corner, I have our lovely dining spaces on my mind. Our own dining area......well lack there of, has been a small project of mine I can't wait to share very soon. Just waiting on a backordered chandelier! #patience

I love putting together these edesign boards which I primarily share on Instagram under @coastalinteriors along with featured spaces of interior designers, bloggers, builders, etc. It's been a fun account to inspire others, but I inevitably get question after question about where items are from and understand that people may not prefer the service.  This is for you!


There are a ton of great sales going on right now for dining spaces to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.  I tend to keep things simple around my home and so that's what I share in my designs.  This one above is a pretty basic concept, but just add some colorful recipes and fall-colored flowers and they will pair beautifully with the navy blue and warmth of the wood.



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