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Fall Fashion 2015: Color Crush Marsala

Anneke McConnell

Whether you call it marsala, burgundy, wine, or bordeaux, one thing is for sure - the color is here and it looks great on everyone.  Fall is by far my favorite season of the year, with cozy sweaters, leather boots, warm apple cider, and meals around the table while we talk about the day.  As a Pacific Northwest native, the temperature is pretty even, sunny with a little crisp in the air, but not yet gray and drizzly with rain.  The change is pretty gradual and down right beautiful.  


As a work at home mom and fashion lover, I have to admit I am torn at times when I see super cute outfits in person or online that I'd love to wear, but just don't fit with my day to day life. I have three kids, teach people how to paint furniture, and right now, I have literally finished my workout and am admittedly still in my workout gear (that's just my schedule today!)  I love my sky high heels and pretty dresses, but need practical go to items in my closet that still make me feel confident and look my best.


Wanna hear a real, very funny story?  Our youngest, my son, was overlooking my shoulder one day this summer after I had finished a workout.   I had my laptop open to Facebook.  He said, "Mom, I like it when you look like this [pointing to my profile photo], not this" he pointed to me.  Thankful it was a funny moment for me and teachable moment for him, but truly, looking and feeling pulled together makes a difference, to us and to others.  I'm not as concerned with adorning this body God gave me, but rather honoring what He has created. That's just my perspective. :-)


Now how about some color?!  I love to research and find these pieces for you (kind of like a stylist) - I do share personal outfits here on the blog, but I also believe in buying less and choosing well. Not to mention finding sales!  I hope you love these finds and snag the perfect marsala piece for this fall!


Have a beautiful day!



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