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Make It Happen: Getting Over Fear

Anneke McConnell

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So FEAR! We all experience it on all different levels about various things all the ways from creepy critters to mental roadblocks. The focus of this blog post is to address the latter and help you overcome fear and move forward.  Here are some suggestions to help you transition from operating out of fear to operating with hope. Let me be clear though! I do not think you can meet goals just because you are hopeful, but rather when you change your mindset. Ok? Let's dive in!



1. Recognize that fear is wasting your time:  

I absolutely have been convicted about this since the launch of Periscope! Ha!  All the thoughts >>>> I don't want to look stupid. I don't know how to use it. What is nobody shows up.  It's no different than any other situation we may find ourselves in.  When you pace and delay action and fret, you are wasting your life. This is why I personally am encouraged by a verse in the Bible: Matthew 6: 25-34. Read up on it! Don't worry, but rather pray, have faith and courage, and do it!


2. Take time to make a plan:  

Fear of the unknown can be an absolute killer to dreams if you let it.  You certainly can't know how everything is going to pan out before you begin!  You can, however, do the research and learn a little bit about that goal of yours before you dive in. Want to lose weight but are afraid of failure? Research and make a plan. Do you want to start a blog but afraid of what people will think or don't know where to begin?  Research, learn, and go for it! Make a plan and reevaluate after a set amount of time.  What is your goal?  Don't go about it blindly - make a plan!


3. You are Unique and Have Something To Offer.  

Ok, so you actually know A TON about something and have a goal surrounding it, but you are still feeling fear about your goal. Maybe you are worried about others will think of you if you put yourself out there? Maybe you feeling like you should just let those "more experienced" people do it all. NO! There is room in this world for YOU and who you are and what you have to share is valuable! Don't downplay who God made you to be! Don't let fear win.


4. Recognize the benefits that are greater than your fear.

If your child needed your kidney to survive, you can bet that you would overcome your fear of the process to help him or her. Now that's extreme, but you can apply the same thinking to any situation.  When you are feeling fear about a goal, take time to write out the benefits of moving past your fears and accomplishing what it is you are going for!  The process is rarely easy, but as I like to say, "If accomplishments were easy, they wouldn't be rewarding!" 



So what fear are your facing today? What steps are you going to take TODAY and THIS WEEK to move forward?



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